Size aside, Black Shark 4 Pro is an evolution in the design of the Black Shark, keeping the same X-antenna rear as its predecessor but switching out the combination of metal and glass for an all-glass affair. The glass rear is matte to help resist fingerprints with the familiar X pattern visible beneath, with interesting light refraction effects that give it a premium, but not so ‘in-your-face-gamer’ look. Gaming phones have long been popular for their beefed-up spec sheets and unimaginable amounts of RAM. Oh, and they’re often treated with striking designs, clearly inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk genres. This focus on power and visuals, while appealing to enthusiasts, often intimidates potential consumers who are less willing to commit to the edgy aesthetics.

This means that a higher score will bring a more flexible user experience in terms of connectivity. In our matrix calculation, we calculate the mobile network score using a technology adoption approach.

  • A few weeks with this phone, and its changed my perspective on mobile gaming.
  • Getting your hands on one will set you back about $600 for the base 12GB/128GB model.
  • The phone comes with a 6.67-inch touchscreen display offering a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels.
  • In just two days, we quickly ranked up in games like Call of Duty Mobile, where we reached the master tier.
  • All that combines to make a panel that’s sharp, bright and easy on the eyes.

Almost everything else about using this phone matches the ho-hum experience that I’ve had with other gaming phones. If you already know that games install into the app drawer on Android by default, it can feel like relearning an unnecessarily obtuse way to access your content. Each one that I’ve tried is a slightly different take on an exorbitant design, of course. But it’s just a couple of companies making powerful yet very similar (and, apparently, sometimes very fragile) phones that aren’t really worth the effort of tracking firmware down — even for the most die-hard of mobile gamers. Yet so far Xiaomi’s Black Shark gaming brand may be the first that has resorted to titillation to stand out. Xiaomi is one of most successful and prolific smartphone manufacturers of recent times.

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The Black Shark 4 has a single front camera setup that can be used for selfies. It has a 20-megapixel camera equipped with an f/2.0 aperture. Thanks to the thin bezels surrounding the screen and the small hole that houses the front camera, the screen-to-body ratio is greatly improved. The smartphone has a dimension of 163.8 mm long by 76.4 mm wide by 9.9 mm thick. The smartphone also comes with a dual SIM (nano-SIM, dual stand-by).